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We provide our clients with certified workers who meet the criteria required by the European Union (EN 287-1).

Our workers have years of experience in assembly and manufacturing, especially with regard to boilers, pipe systems, tanks, bearing structures, as well as in the food, chemical and refinery industries.

  • welders
  • mirror welders
  • ISO pipe fitters
  • locksmiths
  • builders

If necessary, we can also procure foremen.

We provide our welding work based on the following methods:

  • E111 – Arc welding
  • E114 – Flux cored metal-arc welding
  • E121 – Submerged welding
  • E131 – Inert gas welding
  • E135 – Active gas welding
  • E136 – Flux cored active gas welding
  • E141 – Tungsten - Inert gas welding

Material groups:

  • W01
  • W02
  • W03
  • W04
  • W11

We can also provide personnel for difficult to weld materials such as X10 (P91) materials.

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