SlovConstruct s. r. o. 

Our features include:

Permanent availability (24/7, even during weekends and public holidays) at the following number:

  • +421 917 743 508

Extreme flexibility – we are able to supply quality personnel within a short period of time.

By choosing SlovConstruct s.r.o., you can precisely adjust your costs to your work tasks and time schedule.

You will have no other costs connected with looking for various workers and auxiliary assistance.

We have a sufficient number of competent and qualified welders, pipe and silo welders, pipe fitters, locksmiths, as well as builders who are experienced in assembly and manufacturing work at our disposal.

We can provide equipment and workers.

If required, we are able to arrange for welding with preheating.

In addition to workers, we arrange support activities:

  • Site supervision
  • Engineering

Our foremen organize and supervise the work to ensure that it is carried out exactly according to the applicable manuals and projects:

  • Installation

OFrom the very beginning of our business, we have focused on people, in particular welders, who do their work with excellence. We strive to retain these experts as permanent employees. Your work will thus be performed with great skill and will not lead to any operational difficulties.

If you believe that we can contribute, do not hesitate to contact us at +421 917 273 273 or

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